HJP President Venod Sharma today filed his nomination papers from Ambala for the upcoming assembly elections. He will be contesting from Ambala city. During the nomination he was accompanied by his wife Mrs.Shakti Rani Sharma .He reached mini secretariat along with a large number of supporters to file his papers.

ABOUT Haryana Janchetna party:
Janchetna Party has been formed by Haryana’s veteran political leader Venod Sharma with a motto of jan jan ko jagana hai, jan chetna ko failana hai (it is time for mass awakening, it is time to spread awareness). Jan Chetna Party is a mass movement. It is a platform of ideologically similar people who has joined hands for the development of the state of Haryana .Janchetna party, if come to power will set in motion the process of development and growth in Haryana.

The party will provide a road map for the development of Haryana. It will make Haryana the number one state of India.With an aim to provide clean and capable leadership, Janchetna party is a movement that is rapidly gaining momentum. It is the charm of Venod Sharma that youths are joining the ranks of party in large numbers.

You can reach Venod Sharma at the following address:
Venod Sharma
118A, Model Town, Circular Road
Ambala City

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Haryana Police Recruitment Board – Prospective Candidates for Haryana Police Force

Haryana Recruitment Bill passed to improve Haryana police jobs and its purpose is to look into the matters like tenure, appointments, rules and regulations etc. In totally it is body responsible for the overall functioning of Police department.

Haryana Police Recruitment Board is body to select prospective candidates for Haryana police force. Board is constituted with an aim to choose intelligent, honest diligent personals in police department.
Unfortunately instead of serving its purpose is facing problem of massive corruption. Jan Chetna party President Venod Sharma is fighting against it and for the employment of youth of the state.

Venod Sharma has become people’s choice recommending merit criteria for Haryana Police Jobs to fight against nepotism. Hence will bring deserving candidates in Jobs in haryana. Party President Venod Sharma and party workers is holding protest against corruption and irregularities in the selection system and in Haryana jobs.

• Public grievance department to resolve issues timely
• Improve pay scales and improve efficiency
• Improve working conditions and also working hours for the police personals
• Make police department corruption free to make system corruption free
• Recruitment not on the basis of influence and money but on the basis of capability
Haryana based politician Venod Sharma has become public voice. Mass leader from Haryana he is very famous leader and adorable of the people of Haryana. His action speaks louder than his words. He is politics with an aim to make Haryana best and people of Haryana progressive. Venod Sharma has made great contributions in the last 40yrs of his political carrier.

Venod Sharma politician from Haryana is sensitive about common man’s problems and understands their concern for safety and security. He is making genuine efforts to bring changes in Haryana Police jobs and jobs in Haryana. Promising to fulfill public dreams Venod Sharma is supporting and strongly emphasizing to create more jobs in Haryana and to make Haryana police jobs free from favoritism and influence.

Read more : http://www.venodsharmaharyana.co.in/haryana-police-jobs.html

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Golden Era of Haryana State

North Indian Haryana state is carved out from Punjab on November 1, 1966. Rajasthan, New Delhi and Punjab are the neighboring states. Known name in Vedic culture and civilization Haryana state has glorious historical record.

Land of saints and sadhus Haryana state is rich in culture and tradition. Haryana is progressing day by day in agriculture, industries and in infrastructure etc.

Though Haryana state is progressing yet we can say with certainty that Haryana state is not developing on expected lines.

Haryana state news is buzzing with the upcoming assembly elections and various political parties are in fray to grab votes and win elections 2014.

Haryana Jan Chetna Party leader Venod Sharma with his genuine and honest efforts is heading other political parties in Haryana state.

Haryana news on heating political atmosphere in Haryana state is talking point in news in the country. HJC & Haryana Jan Chetna Party alliance was well covered by the various newspapers and news channels in the country. An alliance for changes by HJC and Venod Sharma’s Jan Chetna Party is big challenge for the major parties in Haryana.

After the release of Haryana Jan Chetna Party manifesto in huge Ambala rally by Party president Venod Sharma everybody is confident of the victory of the HJC & Haryana Jan Chetna Party alliance in Haryana state. Opponents are afraid of the huge gathering in Haryana Jan Chetna Party rally in Ambala yesterday and they are making futile attempts to befool people of the Haryana state.

Haryana news on Ambala rally covered by both national and regional newspapers and channels has shown the strength and strong hold of Haryana politician Venod Sharma and people’s faith and confidence in him. Citizens of the state of Haryana got “Vikas Purush” and they know that only Venod Sharma can develop Haryana like never before. Knowing that Venod Sharma is making all possible efforts to bring prosperity and success to the Haryana state and is determined for the welfare of all people of Haryana state are quite happy with him as their leader.

Jan Chetna Party Manifesto

Jan Chetna Party Manifesto – http://www.venodsharma.co.in/haryana-news.html

Haryana news is humming with speculations of huge marginal victory for Venod Sharma and his Jan Chetna Party.

Read More  – http://www.venodsharma.co.in

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Haryana State is gearing up for the Upcoming Elections 2014

Haryana State came in 1 November 1966, is in North India. It is part of the Kuru region in North India which is covered by these Punjab, Himanchal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Yamuna, Uttarakhand and Delhi.

Haryana State is located between 27°39′ to 30°35′ N latitude and between 74°28′ and 77°36′ E longitude. The altitude of Haryana varies between 700 to 3600 ft (200 metres to 1200 metres) above sea level. An area of 1,553 km2 is covered by forest. Haryana has four main geographical features.

Janchetna party and it’s president Venod Sharma has always laid stress on the growth of Haryana. There is enormous potential in the state but due to the disinterest of the government of Haryana there is no policy to tap these resources. Janchetna party wants Haryana state to be the number one state of Haryana. Venod Sharma is fully aware of the potential of Haryana.

Read More – http://www.venodsharma.co.in/haryana-state.html

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Janchetna Party Formed to Give Voice to The Marginalized

Venod Sharma Jan Chetna Party – Haryana

Renowned leader Venod Sharma formed Janchetna Party on June 23rd 2014. Main reason behind it is to voice the concern of the people of Haryana who are fed up with the endless unfulfilled promised made by previous political leaders and parties.

Venod Sharma formed the party to address the grievances of the people of the state who wants a man of commitments to bring peace and prosperity to the people of Haryana.

An articulate, educated bold leader Venod Sharma is admired by several in Haryana. Venod Sharma earned admiration of the people of Haryana by his endless and restless welfare work for the state.

People of Haryana are looking forward to him for the solution of their problems. Haryana simmering in anger against the politics of opportunities and scams wants to get rid of it. Jan Chetna Party with new vision, ideology believes in the changing and progressive look.

Jan Chetna – Haryana Political Party

Venod Sharma a man of clean image and flawless political record has dream to make “Haryana The Best”. Jan Chetna party is becoming very popular in the state of Haryana for their approach towards Women rights, youth upliftment and right of framers.

Jan Chetna Party

Jan Chetna | Haryana Political party : http://www.venodsharmaharyana.co.in/jan-chetna-party.html

Jan Chetna Party is a movement which stands for the socio economic growth with pro industrial and pro agricultural approach.

Founded by Venod Sharma Jan Chetna Party is an excellent alternative for the people of Haryana which not only promises but committed to deliver good governance and to voice and resolve the issue of the people of the state.

Worthy leader Venod Sharma has provided a platform to the unheard voice of youth of Haryana by forming Jan Chetna Party. His main concern is to bring effectively and efficiently the causes of grievances of the youth of the state on the stage.

Keeping both the agricultural and industrial needs into consideration Jan Chetna Party wants to effectively utilize the skills of the state to channelize the growth in to write direction to make Haryana model of growth.

For more information visit : http://www.venodsharmaofficial.co.in/jan-chetna-party.html

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Haryana Politics – Haryana State Politics News

Haryana Politics

In the Haryana politics, the jats have predominance in all the areas of the state. The Jat community enjoys preference in all walks of life and this has resulted in dissatisfaction within the non jat population of the state.

There is a lot of rage among different communities of Haryana who are not jats, that they have been marginalized due to the dominance of jats in Haryana. It is not only about the preferential treatment that jat gets in the jobs and other arena but even the development work in Haryana a major chunk of the infrastructure and development projects has been done only in jat majority districts, whereas other regions are ignored.

There has been a deliberate ignoring of the Northern Haryana belt and G. T. Road belt. Because of the influence of Jat leaders, the non jat leadership is not allowed to grow in the state The influential jat lobby throws spanner of the wheels of the non jat politicians There is discrimination prevalent against non jats in Haryana politics and one can easily find it out when one notices the kind of treatment meted out to non jat districts of the state.

The Haryana’s politicians are doing their best in creating a divide between the jats and non jats for their vote bank politics. Venod Sharma who is a prominent non jat leader of Haryana, has always criticized the schism that politicians of Haryana are trying to create between jats and non jats. Janchetna party, which has been started by Venod Sharma, wants the development to reach every region of the Haryana State.

Venod Sharma has been demanding that there should be a fair policy and no single caste should be favored over the other.

Read More – http://www.venodsharma.co.in/

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Venod Sharma Image Gallery

Venod Sharma exhorting people to raise their voice against the injustice. He was addressing a large gathering during the inauguration of LokSeva Panchayat office.

Venod Sharma

Venod Sharma

Venod Sharma extends his full support to the aided teachers who are protesting against the nonpayment of salaries at Delhi’s Jantar mantar.

Venod Sharma Haryana

Venod Sharma Haryana

Time to end the misrule in Haryana. Venod Sharma along with the supporters of Jan Chetna Party.

Jan Chetna Party

Jan Chetna Party

The ever increasing support base of Janchetna party. Large number of crowd gathered to hear Venod Sharma. The present government of Haryana must go. Venod Sharma addressing the media during the inauguration of Lok Seva Panchayat office

Venod Sharma

Venod Sharma

The Haryana government has failed on every count .Venod Sharma during his interaction with media at a Lok Seva Panchayat office.

Venod Sharma

Venod Sharma

People power.A view of the vehicles of the supporters of Venod Sharma, parked outside a Lok Seva Panchayat office.

Venod Sharma Supports

Venod Sharma Supports

No place for nepotism in government jobs. Venod Sharma along with his supporters outside the office of Haryana SSC.

Venod Sharma Contribution

Venod Sharma Contribution

The time has come to root out this government which has lost the confidence of the people. Venod Sharma addressing the workers of Janchetna party.

Venod Sharma Leader

Venod Sharma Leader

We will emerge as the number one party in the upcoming elections of Haryana. Venod Sharma addressing a gathering of Janchetna party.

Venod Sharma Politician

Venod Sharma Politician

Janchetna party supports the cause of aided teachers of Haryana. Venod Sharma during the sit-in protest of aided teachers at jantar mantar.


Venod Sharma

Venod Sharma

Popular among young and elderly. Venod Sharma receiving the blessings of a elderly lady during his campaign trail.

Venod Sharma

Venod Sharma

The undisputed leader of Haryana. Venod Sharma being felicitated during a function of Janchetna party.

Venod Sharma Haryana Politician

Venod Sharma Haryana Politician

Lok Seva panchayat is a new beginning in the politics of Haryana. Venod Sharam inaugurating the office of Lok Seva Panchayat.

Venod Sharma Lok Seva Panchayat Office

Venod Sharma Lok Seva Panchayat Office

We will not tolerate the injustice anymore. Venod Sharma during a workers conference of Janchetna party.

Venod Sharma Non Jat Leader

Venod Sharma Non Jat Leader

Read More – http://www.venodsharma.co.in/


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